Student Development Student Activities

Student Activities


Assist our students’ balanced development through a variety of extracurricular activities, such as providing co-curricular and experiential learning (challenging experiences, reflection, conceptualization, experience cycles) and organizing interactive, dialogue and collaborative activities.


Develop students’ problem-solving skills, interactive and communication skills, self-discovery skills, utilization skills in information technology, writing and reflection skills, collaborative spirit, spirit of inquiry, critical discussion, leadership, and even organizational skills in real learning situations.


From the activities, students can explore and construct their comprehensive values and attitudes and respond to various changes in the society, give back to the country, and become high-quality global citizens.



Activities of Academic Societies

Provide a variety of learning activities so that our students can develop various interests through participating in different activities. While cultivating the temperament, they can also develop their body and mind in a holistic manner. We also organize experience sharing sessions and encourage students to participate in competitions or show the results of activities through performances, so as to unleash their potential and talents while enhancing their self-confidence.


Student Union and Inter-House Activities

The participation in various types of academic and non-academic competitions and activities can enable our students to discover their personal talents and interests while enriching their school life and learning experience.

By organizing activities for the Student Union and Houses, our students can develop their creativity and strengthen their leadership skills and techniques in organizing, managing and coordinating activities.

Leadership training is provided and student leaders also organize training activities and experience sharing sessions themselves, so that their organization and self-management skills can be strengthened. Meanwhile, we also discover their strengths in communication and critical thinking as well as leadership skills. Through the sharing of successful experiences and difficulties encountered, the knowledge and skills can be passed on from generation to generation.


Other Activities

Organize outings for students of the entire school, inter-class competitions and activities. Arrange inter-class championship and class activities, strengthen class management, enhance "teachers to students" and "students to students" communication, and create a good class culture as well as unity spirit.


Actively encourage students with potential to participate in off-campus exchange activities and competitions and communicate and share with students from other schools or people in the community. By gaining new insights, their horizons can be broadened.