About Us Education Missions & Goals

Education Missions & Goals

Our School Beliefs


School Vision

Kei Long College is a loving place to grow and learn. Our professional and energetic teachers are passionate about education. We believe that every student is valuable and has immense talent and potential. With the spirit of Christ's benevolence in delivering "holistic education", we are determined to shape the lives of our students.  Our teachers are commited to accompanying our students on their journey of growth.  By developing a healthy outlook on life, our students will pursue justice and truth, unleash their inner potential, and strive for brilliant success.


Kei Long College is a family that stresses love, respect, appreciation, encouragement, joy, and ambition. We sincerely hope that our students can develop their confidence, love themselves and others, care about our home and country, and become young and promising contributors to society.


Mission Statement

We are willing to ignite life with life and join hands to pursue the ambition of "seeking knowledge, developing potential, loving life and revitalizing the community".


Educational Goals

The Church of Christ in China Kei Long College was established for the growth of students and school staff.

The full English name of The Church of Christ in China Kei Long College is abbreviated as CCCKLC.


The six nouns that start with the above English letters symbolize the goals and ambitions that the teachers and students of Kei Long pursue together.

Ideal Qualities For Students For School Staff


Christian Faith

Help students to understand the truth of Christ and establish a sound value system through reflection. By following the true way, students can distinguish right from wrong, actively respond to Christ's sacrificial love, pursue the ultimate beauty of life, and live abundantly as they move into adulthood. Stay open-minded towards the Christian faith, actively explore and pursue the highest truth, implement healthy values to shape our students' lives. Meanwhile, establish their own ultimate life goals and be happy to share their beliefs with our students.   
2. Cooperation Establish an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement. In addition to helping students to learn how to get along with others and be good at communication, cultivate their group awareness and team spirit. Value the team spirit of our staff and encourage sharing and communication among the staff members. Respect individual differences and emphasize on cooperating with each other.



Enable our students' holistic development and unveil their rich potential. Encourage them to innovate and open their minds while accepting different opinions and new elements.


All school staff members should demonstrate their unique strengths and open themselves up to absorb new knowledge and opinions. They should also be willing to try innovative educational models and constantly look for changes to meet the needs of students.


4. Knowledge Cultivate students' enthusiasm for pursuing knowledge and encourage an active learning attitude of seeking knowledge and truth. Develop their independent thinking and problem-solving ability to train their critical awareness, establish a self-learning spirit and foster the goal of lifelong learning. Adhere to educational ideals and enthusiasm by continuing to study and learn to set an example for students and others. Frequently reflect and respond positively to issues related to education, social problems, and school development.



Help students to develop their self-confidence, love themselves and others, and care about their classmates, teachers, family, friends, society, and the country. Express sincerity and warmth in creating a wonderful world. In return, be willing to accept care from others and turn the campus into a family full of appreciation and respect.

Trust that each student is invaluable. Build robust teacher-student and co-worker relationships with love, respect, appreciation and encouragement.


6. Commitment Cultivate students to take on responsibility. By daring to face difficulties, they can challenge themselves and pursue excellence. They will love life and continue to grow in many ways. While revitalizing their community, they will also contribute to the country. Hold fast to beliefs and never give up easily. Be brave to face their own limitations in professional development and constantly improve their competence and ability. Have a passion for work while maintaining physical and psychological health. Pursue self-realization and fight side by side with colleagues on the educational journey.