Teaching and Learning Information Technology in Education

Information Technology in Education

Support learning and teaching and enhance administrative effectiveness


A. IT Infrastructure

  • All classrooms, teacher room, special rooms, hall and school office are connected by 10G optical fibre, and wireless network is provided throughout the whole campus.
  • All classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors, visualizers and large TVs to provides dual multimedia teaching, and teachers can use Apple TV to cast e-learning material.
  • Each teacher provides an iPad for e-learning and a desktop computer for lesson preparation and administrative purposes.
  • The school has two computer rooms , among which the main computer room integrates with IT-Lab to provide computer notebooks for learning information technology and writing APPs to wirelessly connect to smart devices.


B. Software/Platform

  • The school has a cloud intranet to provide an integrated platform. There are e-notices, e-payment, online tests and e-homework to facilitates communication and e-learning.
  • All teachers and students can use Microsoft Office at home , providing integrated office software, cloud storage space and e-learning platform etc., which is convenient for teaching and administration.
  • All staff and students have Google Workspace, providing email, cloud storage space and e-learning platform etc., which is convenient for teaching and administration.
  • In addition to the school website, there is dedicated staff info-site and student info-site to provide relevant information.


C. Teacher Training

Every regular teacher in our school has reached Intermediate Information Technology(IIT) level or above, and every teacher can effectively use online video teaching(TEAMS/ZOOM and e-learning Platform (Google Classroom)


D. Student Training

There are computer lessons for S1-3 students to learn computer system, APP writing, spreadsheets, databases, web learning and video editing etc. School also offers higher forms students to choose Information & Communication Technology as elective subject.


E. Learning for IT Talent students

  • IT ambassadors in each class to assists teachers and students in using e-learning tools.
  • Student helpers with technician administrate Computer Room for students to use computer during spare time.


F. e-Learning

S1-3 students bring their own tablet computers and other forms can borrow the school’s tablet computer in lesson for carrying e-Learning.