Student Development Discipline and Counselling

Discipline and Counselling

We believe every student is worth teaching and teachable.



All the teaching staff share the same values and vision as below in school guidance and discipline which should be student-oriented and aimed at promoting the all-round development of students.



In alignment with our missions and characteristics, we develop our guidance and discipline service which aims at achieving the following goals for the healthy development of students:

  • To help students develop self-esteem and self-discipline as well as a positive and optimistic attitude;
  • To cultivate a respectful attitude towards others and a sense of commitment among students; and
  • To equip students with the ability to cope with changes and work independently.



All the teaching staff promote a WSA to guidance and discipline together with the following professional attitudes:

1. Care for students

To understand individual students from his/her perspective and developmental needs and have genuine communication with them giving reflection of feelings and expectations on them to develop a harmonious teacher-student relationship.

2. Encouragement and compliment

To appreciate the efforts of students and give them sincere and constructive encouragement and compliments at the right time to help students develop their potentials and confidence.

3. Emphasis on reflection

To encourage students to develop independent thinking and reflect on what they have done to help them develop positive values.

4. Be compassionate and reasonable

To be objective yet sensitive to the feelings of the students so that they will be willing to accept and bear the consequences of their behaviours, thus helping them discern the right from the wrong and to change for betterment.

5. Respect for diversity

To respect the uniqueness of individual students and provide assistance according to individual needs and abilities to help them in their growth.