Teaching and Learning STEAM Education

STEAM Education


Through organizing different types of activities and training, our STEAM Education Group hopes to enhance students' ability in synthesizing and applying interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in solving real problems. By enhancing their creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities, students' potential for innovation can also be explored and developed.



  1. To improve students' interest in science, technology, and mathematics. Strengthen their ability in synthesizing and applying knowledge and skills in solving real problems
  2. To cultivate students' creativity with an inquiry mind.
  3. To motivate students' collaboration among different subject groups in cross-curricular or project-based learning




1) STEAM-related External Competitions:

✽ Hong Kong Rocket Car Competition

✽ Yuen Long Youth Festival 2022 - 23 “Fly Your Dreams” Paper Plane Competition

✽ Robotics / Drones Competition


2) In-school STEAM Training

✽ Robotic Training Classes

✽ 3D Printing Workshops

✽ Campus Butterfly Ecology Study and Design Programme

✽ STEAM Education Scheme: Incense Tree Conservation on Campus

✽ STEAM@lunch


3) Extracurricular STEAM Training

✽ Mathematics Enrichment Workshop


4) Interdisciplinary Curriculum Collaboration

✽ Production of Contour Line Model (cross-subject cooperation between Design & Technology and Geography)


5) Other Activities

✽ Scientific Exploration of Betta Fish

✽ Biogenetic Engineering Workshop

✽ Metal Carving Workshop

✽ Fundamental Artificial Intelligence Course 

✽ Rocket Car Competition for Form 3 Students

✽ Hebocon  2021

✽ Yuen Long Youth Festival 2021 “Fly Your Dreams” Paper Plane Competition

✽ Robofest Summer Robotic Training Course

✽ Campus Butterfly Ecology Study Group: Butterfly training course in Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve, sharing the experience of raising butterflies with students from primary schools in the district.