Student Development Moral, Civic and National Education

Moral, Civic and National Education


The Committee aims at carrying out civic education in a broad sense through organizing various activities. We nurture our students' good moral character, cultivate their care and concern in participating in social affairs, establish their independent critical thinking ability, enhance their sense of mission, and raise their civic awareness. By recognizing their own civic responsibilities and the identity and culture of their own nation, the sense of students’ own national identity can be strengthened, thereby preparing them to adapt to the changes and challenges of the future society. With a good concept on civic education, our students can become adults who are responsible for themselves, their families, the society as well as the country.


Work Goals

  1. To implement character cultivation, nurture our students' good character, and strengthen their civic awareness.

  2. To help our students understand their own responsibilities and rights, and cultivate a sense of responsibility.

  3. To train our students so that they will understand, care about, and participate in public affairs, such as sharing of current affairs, civic awareness activities or participation in external activities in related areas.

  4. To cultivate our students' ability to think independently, so that they will have their own standpoints and opinions on social affairs in everyday life, be willing to express their opinions, and dare to take on a sense of mission.

  5. To help our students understand their own identity, national traditions, and culture through channels such as sharing in morning assemblies, exchange tours to the Mainland, field trips, etc.

  6. To encourage our students to participate more in social welfare and community activities, so that they can establish positive attitudes, values, and firm beliefs while learning from real-life experiences, e.g., volunteer services.

  7. To actively expand the space for cooperation with other units in implementing the plans and activities.


Work : 

Civic Education Activities

By organizing internal and external activities, such as  "Visit to the CUHK Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change and Weiyuan Lake Ecological Tour",  " Visit to the Legislative Council ",  " Squatter Living Experience Program ", "Blood Donation Day", "Casual Clothes Day", etc., our students are encouraged to pay attention to current events, care about the society, and broaden their horizons.




Activities in Moral Education Week

Through the activities held in Moral Education Week, such as "Shooting Arrows to Combat Against Gambling", "Moral Education Game Booths", "Good People and Good Things’ Card Display Board", "Find the Truth Game", etc., we aim at nurturing good morals, strengthening civic awareness, and establishing positive values and attitudes of our students.




Morning Assembly / Weekly Assembly

We organize morning and weekly assemblies with diverse themes to enhance students' understanding of the society and the country. Meanwhile, we also aim at strengthening their life education and raising their civic and national awareness. The themes of the assemblies include "My Blood Donation Story - Ten Years of Blood Donation", "Refugees", "Be a Responsible Pet Owner", "Basic Law and Current Affairs Quiz", "Dialogue with President of the Legislative Council: Mr. Tsang Yok-sing", "A Lecture by Life Warrior", "National Day Morning Assembly - Understand China, the Spaceman Who Travelled Beyond the Earth", "Inheritance of Love - Organ Donation", "Flying High Again", "Agricultural Status", "AIDS and Children", "An Overview of Children in China", etc.



Voluntary Services

In order to encourage students to participate in social service while developing a spirit of serving others and the society, the Committee has implemented a volunteer service project for Form 4 students.

"The Old Yuen Long Wai Village with a New Look Guided Tour Project" - our students participated in the guided tour project of "The Old Yuen Long Wai Village with a New Look", an activity sponsored by the Yuen Long District Council. Students served as tour guides in leading members of the tour groups to visit Ping Shan and leveraged the spirit of serving the community. Our students provided detailed information on the famous historical sites in Ping Shan to the tour group members, including Tang Ancestral Hall, Kun Ting Study Hall, etc., as they learned about the history and appearance of the villages in the old days.

"Adventure-Ship School Partnering Project" - by arranging our students to participate in voyage training with persons with disabilities, the "Adventure-Ship School Partnering Project” aims to encourage the integration and communication between people with and without disabilities. While participating in the voyage training of the "Adventure-Ship", students partnered with one or two participants with special needs and took care of each other on the principle of equal partnership.

"Food Sharing Programme" - in Hong Kong, more than 3,600 tonnes of food wastes are transported to landfills for disposal every day. As most of the food waste is edible ingredients, the condition of food wastage is quite a concern in nowadays society. In order to encourage our students to cherish food and reduce the amount of food wastage, we cooperated with Greeners Action and participated in the "Food Sharing Project" held in Cheung Sha Wan. Students were assigned as pioneers of environmental protection in collecting leftover food, including vegetables and bread, that could not be sold by shops. The food items collected were then donated to the needy ones in society.

"Hong Kong Wetland Park Partnership Programme" – the programme included volunteer training, plant care experience, volunteer and guided tour services, hands-on experience in education workshop, other volunteer activities experience, on-campus booth games and sharing in the graduation ceremony.


"Dialogue in The Dark Jockey Club Dialogue Experience Place" - multiple simulated scenes, such as wet markets, roads, and restaurants, were set up in the venue to allow students to experience the world of people who suffer from visual impairments, thereby enhancing their concern and empathy for the obstacles encountered by the visually impaired. The students who participated in the event benefited a lot from the activity that their awareness and concern for people who suffer from visual impairments have been raised.



Student Exchange Activities

The Committee has arranged different exchange study tours to allow students to experience, understand the geography, history, culture and economy of our motherland. Through the activities, our students have broadened their horizons, enriched their life experience, and cultivated a sense of belonging to the country. 

The Mainland Exchange Tour for Form 3 Students included: 

“Western Architecture and Its History and Culture in Guangzhou”,

“The Maritime Silk Road in Yangjiang and Conservation of Cultural Relics in Kaiping”, 

“Economic Development in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta”, 

“Kaiping Diaolou”,

“A Comprehensive View of Zhaoqing's Natural Landscape”, 

“A Comprehensive View of Chinese-style Buildings in Panyu, Guangzhou”, etc.

Other activities included:

“Giving and Caring - 4-Day Tour to Shaoguan” - Voluntary Teaching Tour in Rural China,

“The Rural Construction and Development of Foshan and Xinhui.”,

“Study Tour on The New Look of Guangzhou and the Centenary of China's 1911 Revolution”, 

“Historical Culture and Landscape Exploration Tour in Nanning, Guangxi”, etc.