Teaching and Learning Current Curriculum

Current Curriculum


Cultivating Students' Self-learning in the preparation for their future education needs

English-rich environment 

To establish an English-rich environment within the school, English is the medium of instruction for every subject (except Chinese) in two classes in each form. The other two classes, Mathematics and Science lessons are conducted in English, which aims to prepare students to adapt to English learning in tertiary education 


We attach great importance to biliteracy and trilingualism. In order to improve students’ English language abilities, students are streamed into groups according to their English proficiency. Extensive reading schemes are implemented for both Chinese and English. In addition to the morning reading class for the whole school, a reading programme is adopted. We put in extra resources by employing two native English teachers.

English phonetics and Linguistic Art English Drama lessons, Public Speaking and English debate are integrated into English curriculum from form 1 onwards. With the development of new learning models, our students' interest in language subjects can be enhanced. We are committed to tailormaking a school-based curriculum for the language subjects, enhancing students’ literacy skills and promoting learning and teaching effectiveness.

Junior Secondary Curriculum 

The junior secondary curriculum is designed to harness. It focuses on improving students' language competency and mathematical skills.


This helps students equip skills for constructing knowledge and nurtures their positive learning attitude, thereby becoming lifelong learners.


The design is brand and balanced. In addition to Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Life and Society, Chinese History, and History, we have also included Home Economics, Computer, Design and Technology, Putonghua, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, and Religious Education.


To bridge a smooth transition from junior top senior secondary curriculum, a school-based curriculum has been designed. As a case in point, Life and Society lessons in junior forms attach great importance to has emphasized classroom participation and collaborative learning. It also expands our students’ vision by fostering students’ critical thinking skills and investigate skills, while training them to master basic research skills. The subject of Chinese History has introduced students a more comprehensive and broad historical perspective for understanding the history of the world.


Senior Secondary Curriculum

Our senior secondary curriculum aims at helping students to further their studies and preparing them to attend the HKDSE. in addition to Chinese, English, Mathematics and Citizenship and Social Development/Liberal Studies as the four core subjects, we provide diversified choices for students to choose from the fields of Arts, Science and Business. The courses cover various disciplines, languages and science subjects, including workshop on self-directed learning skills, Chinese language writing course, Mathematics extension course for top students in senior secondary school, Biology genetic engineering exploratory class, Advanced Visual Arts course with computer-aided graphic design, advanced mixed media class, robotic mobile phone app writing course organized by the Computer Society, volleyball team training for the sports subject, leadership training courses and the like .

Subjects Offered by Us (2022-2023)

English is used as the medium of instruction for this subject in the entire Form.

According to their mathematical abilities ability, students can opt for choose to take only the core the core part only, or both the core and the the extended module. 

The medium of this subject is either English or Chinese. 

English is used as the medium language of instruction .