Student Development Career Guidance

Career Guidance


1. By promoting life planning education and activities, we aim to help students plan their future and recognize their own interests, abilities, and needs in making appropriate choices for further education, vocational training, or employment.

2. To provide our students with counseling service on further education and career so that they can understand the multiple pathways and requirements for further education and employment in Hong Kong and other places. By enhancing our students' understanding of vocational and professional education and cultivating their pioneering and innovative spirit, we can provide them with a clearer picture of the authentic work environment.

3. To educate our students on the correct work attitude and values.


Goals and Strategies:

1. Through class teacher periods, other learning experience (OLE) lessons, and collaboration across curriculum, we provide students with life planning education to help them better understand themselves and reflect on their career options, to develop positive values and boost self-confidence, and to plan their pathways for further studies and/or employment.

2. Through large-scale lectures, form-based/class-based life planning activities, university experience camps and the training of Career Ambassadors, we enable our students to learn about their strengths and understand the information and prospects of different programmes and industries. We arrange sharing and reflection opportunities to help students consolidate their learning experience so that they can better plan for their future.

3.Through work experience or internship opportunities and career sharing by alumni, our students can understand the authentic work environment and cultivate a positive work attitude.


Student Achievements :

Student Honour Roll

In order to appreciate and encourage students with outstanding performance in academics, service and personal development, one Honorary Student from each class is nominated by the class teacher to receive from the Principal on Parents'Day.



To recognize students with outstanding performances and to encourage them to pursue excellence, we have established different scholarships, including the Parent-Teacher Association Academic Improvement Award, Yuen Long Church Academic Improvement Scholarship, Pastor Peter Wang Memorial Scholarship, Pr. Yip Miu-ling Memorial Scholarship, Star Catcher Scholarship, and Mr. Chan Ko Chu Scholarship.