Student Development Religious Education

Religious Education


Preaching: Help students understand the correct beliefs, appreciate the true meaning of the Bible, and accept Christ as their Saviour.

Education: Cultivate the spirituality of students. By acquiring correct values in life, students will be caring, eager for justice, responsible, able to distinguish between right and wrong and abide by rules. Thus, they can become a perfect witness of love.

Care and Concern: Show respect and care for the spiritual growth of colleagues and students, strengthen the relationship with others, support each other and become a better self in love.


Goals and Work

By launching the "School Pastoral Ministry Project" with The Church of Christ in China Yuen Long Church, we have organised different school-based gospel missions through the cooperation between the Church and school.

Evangelism: Help students understand the correct beliefs, appreciate the true meaning of the Bible through various kinds of religious activities.

Work: Morning assembly, weekly assembly, gospel week, missionary worship, etc.

Fellowship: Through fellowships and care for co-workers, students, and the community, we can create more opportunities for mutual communication and sharing. Mutual support promotes growth in spirituality, thereby enabling one to develop a better self in love, witness the love of God, and glorify the name of the Lord.

Work: Staff fellowship and student fellowship.

Cultivation: Nurture students who believe in the Lord and develop their characteristics in spirituality. Through the cultivation and training of spiritual leaders, students can be wonderful witnesses of the Lord in life or study. 

Work: Staff fellowship, cultivation group, gospel camp, Amazing Band, etc.

Worship: Let students experience thankfulness and adoration of life through various festive worships.

Work: Thanksgiving worship at school commencement, Christmas worship, Easter worship.

Prayers: Through intercessions with the Lord, help our students and staff learn to entrust everything to God, thereby deepening their relationship with Him through the power of prayers. 

Work: Staff prayer meetings and prayer request dropbox.