Teaching and Learning Information Technology in Education E-learning


The fourth IT Education Strategy was launched in 2015. The Education Bureau advocates the use of e-learning to promote students’ good use of technology and IT skills, enhance their self-learning, problem-solving, collaboration, computational thinking skills, and enhance creativity, innovation, and even entrepreneurship and nurture them into ethical IT users for lifelong learning and whole-person development. E-learning is also in line with the learning and living patterns of today's i-generation young people, which is a general trend.


In response to this trend, our school has identified e-learning as one of the main concerns in two consecutive three-year school development plans for 2015-2018 and 2018-2021. In addition to being one of the first schools to participate in the WIFI900 program (to enhance the school-wide wireless network), our school has also purchased an additional batch of tablet computers and installed tablet computer mirror display devices in classrooms throughout the school. The school has established an e-learning committee dedicated to promoting e-learning, which is responsible for teacher training and e-learning strategy promotion. Our school also participates in the Seed Project “Exploring and Developing Strategies for Self-directed Learning in Mathematics” by the Education Bureau and the “e-Learning Supporting Self-directed Learning in Science to Cater for Individual Differences and Transition to Secondary Schools” by the University of Hong Kong to give professional advice to develop quality school-based e-learning. The science team was also invited to serve as a resource school for "Promoting School-based STEM Curriculum through Life-wide Self-directed Learning" to support other schools in developing STEM education, self-directed learning and e-learning.